One of life's greatest essentials.

Everyone's late, playing catchup this morning, no time for breakfast, late for a big meeting, where does the time seem to go...we've heard a lot of those stories. We love saving the day. It's no wonder that this is our most popular Service. Besides, we were born to do laundry and most every one of our customers is happy with that thought. So if the intro to this paragraph describes your household, brace yourself for some really good news. We'll wash, dry and fold all your laundry and have it ready for pickup as we agree at the time. And we'll even send you a cheery advance email saying "Your laundry is ready". We charge $14.00 for a 13 lb. minumum load, which translates to only $1.10 a lb. Really giant killer loads might require additional time, but we'll let you know that before you take off no matter what the size.  So bring us your dirty, smelly loads and we'll let you deal with your world while we deal with your laundry. If your washer/dryer broke down on the day you were heading in for surgery and your college kids came home that day wanting to clean a couple of months of laundry procrastination, you're most likely going to be heading for us. In fact, we were planning to write a book on all the reasons we've heard, but we don't seem to have any free time. We're here when you need us most.