It's more than just laundry.

The rates are the same for Drop Off Service only instead of a minimum weight of 13 lbs. the minimum weight is 25 lbs. for $25. multiplying additional pounds by $1.10 over 25 lbs. Pickup begins at 5:00 am for all customers living in homes where they can leave it on their porches the night before. You'll normally get it returned to you the same day.  Customers living in apartments where we have to be buzzed in are pre set up with a pickup time between 10:00 am - noon for return either that day or the next. No pickups or deliveries are ever scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. Tuesday thru Friday are the days scheduled for pickups and deliveries.  But here's the additional perk. Free Drycleaning Pickup and Delivery. This is a relatively new offering, but we're working with a premium, local Dry Cleaning entity that is servicing long standing clientele to see how it works out. So far, so good. Customers can check with us from time to time to see how it's progressing. We're even considering broadening our pick up and delivery areas, as well. Once we have a consensus of where this service is most sought after. we will make a formal announcement introducing this service to our roster. All people interested might want to let us know of their interest.